I approach product design by deeply engaging with user needs and aligning closely with strategic business goals. My leadership style is all about empowering the team. I encourage open communication and creative freedom, which allows everyone to share their insights and ideas. This collaborative environment helps us tackle complex problems more effectively and create solutions that not only solve immediate issues but also drive our projects forward with lasting impact. Together, we create products that are functional, user-centric, and strategically impactful.


I thrive on unraveling experience-related challenges, enhancing how people engage with and navigate their environments through thoughtful design. My interest spans from developing user-centric software solutions to exploring the practical applications of home automation and generative AI.

Photography has been a lifelong interest, allowing me to capture the world's myriad details and moments. Recently, I've begun appreciating paddleboarding and camping, which offer me a fresh way to connect with nature and unwind.

I am passionate about integrating technology and design to make everyday experiences more intuitive and enjoyable, continually exploring new ways to blend these aspects into my professional and personal life.