Lessen aimed to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of residential real estate services across more than 40 markets. We built a robust two-sided marketplace engine that incorporates a complete job workflow and uses machine learning to expertly match service professionals with projects. This platform, along with our specialized mobile apps, revolutionized how property management services are delivered, boosting real-time operational capabilities and scalability.

Role: Director, Product Design
Project: SaaS, Web app, Mobile app
Industry: PropTech


command center.

The backbone of Lessen's operations, powering a robust, tech-enabled marketplace. It integrates job workflow management, ML-powered matching of service professionals to projects, and full lifecycle automation of property services to ensure consistency, quality, and speed at scale, enhancing service delivery across all operational areas.


fpm mobile.

Tailored for field project managers, the Lessen FPM Mobile app supports on-the-go operations with features like offline access, progress tracking, and project management tools. The introduction of the FPM Mobile app led to a 20% reduction in project completion times, significantly improving field efficiency and operational responsiveness.


pro mobile.

Designed to extend Lessen's capabilities to service professionals and technicians, the Lessen Pro Mobile app facilitates job acceptance, work order management, communication, invoice submission, and payment processing on iOS and Android devices. It achieved an 80% adoption rate, and maintained a 4.9 rating across both Apple App Store and Google Play Store throughout its first year after launch. Over 400 work orders were completed per week within the app after the first 3 months of usage.