As Lessen rapidly expanded its suite of web and mobile applications, the need for a cohesive design language and an efficient development process became paramount. Rivet was developed to address these challenges, providing a unified design system that facilitates seamless collaboration between designers and developers. By standardizing design elements and workflows across all platforms, Rivet ensures consistent user experiences and accelerates product development, crucial for a unicorn startup scaling its offerings.

Role: Director, Product Design
Project: Design system
Industry: PropTech



Developed to accelerate the creation of web and mobile applications at Lessen, Rivet uses an internal open-source model to enhance communication between designers and engineers, speeding up the onboarding process and allowing new team members to quickly start contributing. Rivet also improves the design workflow, enabling a 42% faster creation of high-fidelity mockups and reducing UI-related bugs by 70%.

The system includes comprehensive documentation and maintains standardized practices across designing new components, accessibility, copywriting, component architecture, and implementation approaches, helping to ensure rapid adaptation and sustained innovation.